Car Snow Ice Protector Window Windshield


Car Snow Ice Protector Window Windshield

A car snow ice protector is a useful accessory for those who live in colder regions. It is designed to protect the car’s windshield and side mirrors from snow and ice during the winter months. The protector is made of a durable and waterproof material, which can be easily installed on the car’s exterior. It comes with straps that can be secured to the car’s side mirrors and door handles to keep it in place

100% reflects sunlight, reduces automobile internal humidity
Simple installation, easy to harvest, and Anti-Theft Design
Insulation performance is good, effectively reducing the temperature inside the car, the fuel consumption saves air conditioning.
thickening increased, doesn’t fall off when using, heat resistant durable without deformation
ThickSpongematerial design the cooling effect is more significant, Frost and snow prevention Dust-proof
Protect the car instrument desk, chairs, etc., not aging metamorphism by sunlight.
Size: Approx.147 x 69cm(L x W)
Material: Aluminum Foil & Sponge
Package contents:
1 x car Windshield Sun Shade


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