6pcs/Set Car Reflective Stickers Anti-Scratch Safety Warning Sticker


6pcs/Set Car Reflective Stickers Anti-Scratch Safety Warning Sticker

These 6pcs/Set Car Reflective Stickers are a great addition to your car as they help enhance your safety while driving. They are designed with a reflective surface to reflect light from other vehicles, making your car more visible on the road at night or in low-light conditions. The stickers are also scratch-resistant, so they will maintain their quality and visibility over time. You can place them on different parts of your car, including the bumper, doors, and windshield. They are easy to install, and you can remove them without leaving any marks. These stickers are a practical and affordable solution to enhance the safety of your car.


-Anti-collision and scratch protection to protect the car door

-The conspicuous reflective warning stickers can keep driving safer day and night

-Prism structure, the body reflective logo adopts microprism technology with high reflective brightness

-Double-sided adhesive for the strip, it can be used by gently tearing which is easy to use

-The surface is hand-made with epoxy coating to give the reflective sticker a three-dimensional effect


Material: Epoxy + carbon fiber

Color: As picture shown

Size: 9*3.5cm (each one)


Package Includes:

6x Reflective Car Stickers



Mainland China

Item Type

Reflective Strips




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