Car Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker for Night Driving Car-Styling Accessories


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Car Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker for Night Driving Car-Styling Accessories

Car Wheel Hub Reflective Stickers are car-styling accessories designed to enhance night driving safety. These stickers are made from high-quality reflective material, which makes them easily visible in low light conditions. The reflective surface is bright and visible from all angles, allowing other drivers to see your vehicle more clearly on the road.



5/20pcs Car Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker Tire Rim Reflective Strips Luminous Sticker for Night Driving Car-Styling Accessories



1. Wheel Hub Reflective Stickers: At night or in a dark environment, these high visibility reflective stickers stand out on the road, reflects light towards the drivers, noticeable and remind them to keep their distance, improve driving safety.

2. High Reflective Effect: Design with anti-ultraviolet solvent coating, strong reflective effect, can reflect all light source including vehicle lights and sunlight, obvious warning effect; Waterproof, not easy to break or crack, not easy to fade and has a long service life, durable and reliable.

3. Universal Wheel Rim Stickers: Widely apply, fit most motorcycles, bicycles/bikes, cars. A set of stickers has 20pcs, 5pcs is enough for a rim. The width of the sticker is 7mm, with sufficient visibility.

4. Easy Installation: Reflective stickers have been cut into individual 20pcs and made into curved parts, which fits perfectly with round rims. You can easily stick it directly on the wheel Tire Rim of a car, motorcycle or bicycle for kids.

5. Various Options: There are various car logos pattern on the car Reflective stickers to choose from.A stylish reflective vehicle wheels decoration, add features and create a cool and unique look for your motorbikes/cars, let you stand out from the crowd.



Product Name: Car Wheel Reflective Sticker

Color: Green/White

Size: 9×0.7cm

Installation: Wheel


Package: 5/20 pcs sticker













Sticker Placement

Tires & Rim


Mainland China

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