Color Changing UV Gel Nail Polish


LILYCUTE’s Color Change Nail Gel Polish is an innovative, color-shifting nail polish suitable for UV gel, acrylic, or natural nails. This 7ml polish enhances nail strength and shine, offering a myriad of captivating hues, making it an exciting addition to any nail art collection. It’s perfect for professional and personal use with a simple application and removal process.

Anti-overflowBase GelEggshell GelEggshell GoldF001F002F003F004F007F008F009F010F011F012F013F014F015F016F017F018F019F020F021F022F023F024F025F026F027F028F029F030F031F032F033F034F035F036F037F038F039F040F041F042F043F044F045F046F047F048F049F050F051F053F054F055F056F057F058F059F060F061F062F063F064