Digital Water Quality Tester TDS EC


1pc without battery
Digital Water Quality Tester TDS EC

3 in 1 TDS EC Meter Temperature Digital LCD Water Testing Pen Purity Filter with 4 Different Modes Water Level Tester

The LCD screen is convenient for reading and recording data and stores readings for easy reading and recording, and the digital LCD TDS meter is used to test the purity of the filter water quality, to check the performance of your water filter and to check the hardness (1 grain = 17 ppm) .To ensure that you always drink clean and safe water, the TDS tester is recommended for every family.
Auto-off function: Switch off the meter after 5 minutes of non-use to save the battery
Automatic temperature compensation function when the meter is in measurement mode.
You can switch between TDS and conductivity by clicking the SHIFT key, double-clicking the SHIFT key, and switching between Celsius temperature and Fahrenheit.
Powered by 1 PC 3V CR2032 battery(not incl) that can process approximately 1000 hours continuously, ideal tools for water purifiers, swimming pools, laboratories in waterworks, CDC, aquaculture farms, hospitals etc.

3 in 1 TDS EC Meter Temperature Digital LCD Water Testing Pen Purity Filter with 4 Different Modes Water Level Tester

1.3 in 1 Digital TDS meter can provide accurate readings of TDS EC and temperature.
2. TDS instrument has automatic temperature compensation in measurement mode.
3.5 minutes automatic shutdown. Save power and extend battery life.
4. Multi mode conversion: there are 4 different modes for TDS EC instrument. Press shift to switch between different modes.
5. Mode memory function. Each startup mode is the default mode used before shutdown.

1. TDS water meter is a professional water level tester with simple operation, fashionable appearance and small volume.
2. It is very suitable for all water quality testing, water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, laboratory and scientific testing, pool, ecological testing, colloidal silver, water treatment, etc.

Measurement range: conductivity: 0-9990 μ s / cm
Temperature range: 0.1-80.0℃(32.0-176.0℉)
Accuracy: ± 2%
Material: ABS
Size: 154 * 30 * 14mm/6.06*1.18*0.55″

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.
2. Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measuremen




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51 reviews for Digital Water Quality Tester TDS EC

  1. R***a

    Good service and delivery is fast.

  2. D***o

    We received my order, good delivery , good packing etc . Thx

  3. M***h

    Great product with solid material and fast delivery.

  4. Customer

    Exactly as described and quick shipping

  5. J***n

    Exact item very very satisfied

  6. A***r

    I bought bundle from the same supplier, I’ve already reviewed all, only this item I have never tested yet because I need to buy battery so I will come back to review again but now I give 5stars for this product because it came in good condition and look in good condition. When buying bundle they should separate feedback if not leave it all in the same time I can’t click the button.

  7. K***l

    Works but figuring out how to read the testing on it

  8. C***r

    gotta test your water

  9. R***d

    looks good, need to get batteries for it yet. bought to replace the one on my zero water filter jug. came with a velcro case too

  10. M***p

    It works, it’s just what the description shows, luckily I had a battery for this one and it worked I’m not sure if perfectly, because it turns out that the water in my filter had readings from 120 to 130, and worse the one from the direct tap, Which is sad because the filter is not working well and the quality indicator that the filter itself brings also does not work well, according to the measurement table or indicator is of this product the water debia is below 100. In addition it provides the super indoor temperature.

  11. D***a

    I’m am happy with my purchase. Not the best not the worst. Worth the price. Recommend this store.

  12. Customer

    Have not use yet; although it will be great product

  13. I***t

    Measures ppm of particulates, my low tech tests match my expectations from cleanest to dirtiest. I don’t have a scientific tool to confirm its readings, so take them with a 50lb bag of salt. Requires a 3V coin cell battery that they don’t specify in the manual. Many 20XX series batteries fit, I used a 2045. Positive goes towards the clip, negative towards the board. Not sure if reverse polarity hurts the device, I didn’t try it.

  14. K***r

    I won’t try to explain the technical aspects of this item, but I can say it works as I expected and I think it was a great buy for $1.99 USD. I always want to know, empirically, how my water filters are doing, and now I’m having fun testing the water from my various filtration devices, as well as different bottled water I occasionally buy. A booklet is included that I photographed. Seeing the features and directions may help you decide if you want to buy it. It has its own soft case which will protect it a bit in a drawer or tool box. I’m delighted to be able to afford little gadgets like this and I’ve been impressed with how fast the store settles any issues I have, whether something is damaged, or I want to use the free return service. NOTE: only 3 free returns allowed per month!

  15. F***A

    Works well and I received it in combined shipment within 13 days.

  16. L***t

    The water from our house has been causing eye irritation. I got this tester to see if out water was the cause, and the results support my suspicions.

  17. C***r

    Awesome. Pretty fast reading and accurate

  18. S***v

    good job

  19. R***b

    excellent product. I make colloidal silver and this is exactly what I need for quality control.

  20. Customer

    I do not know how to use but it is the same as the image

  21. R***o

    Looks great just need to get a battery. thanks

  22. M***l

    Could not figure out how to use it

  23. P***g

    Great product but you must keep the chat’s information at any time.

  24. M***r

    Fast delivery, thanks

  25. S***u

    Great deal and quality products.

  26. L***s

    Is a great product. Coinvest exactly with the description. Very high price quality ratio.

  27. Customer

    Luxury anda

  28. G***o

    Did not try yet

  29. A***y

    great time have for safe family drinking

  30. T***s

    At first I couldn’t find out what size battery it took by reading the instructions. Eventually I found it and it actually works…..perfect!

  31. R***h

    Still waiting for my batteries to arrive to test it, they ran out at a few of my local stores

  32. D***z

    As described

  33. D***n

    Doesn’t come with complete directions or #2032 battery. I was able to figure out how to put in the battery and it turned in right away. Directions sent clear on what numbers you are looking for. I will give later update once I operate the divide. Arrived in about three weeks.

  34. H***z

    Haven’t trued but I recommend it. I recommend store to others, too.

  35. J***a

    Good product at a good price

  36. Customer

    Perfect – landlord wins the battle over clean water

  37. J***B

    Cr2032 model battery not included but it works light was tested not very thoroughly

  38. N***n

    excellent quality. easy to understand water quality table. fast shipping.

  39. C***e

    I’ve not tried the product yet, but I received it in timely manner.

  40. T***e

    Look’s just like the picture. Arrived much later than stated. Came with no battery and no notes on battery size needed. Not sure if it works. Will contact store for battery size. Wasn’t mailed until almost a month after ordering.

  41. L***r

    Looks legit but doesn’t include battery. Will try later

  42. B***e

    I was able to test my water for hardness. It should be between 100 and 500 ppm.

  43. P***s

    I have not used it yet. Can’t wait to see how to use it and I hope it works

  44. L***z

    As described in the product.

  45. Customer

    Item arrived in a timely manner. It’s as described. Battery is not included however, it was easy to buy a CR2032 coin battery for the tester. Upon first use after battery installation the tester was easy to power up and scroll through the menu options for PPM or microns and between F° or C°. I immediately performed several tests with filtered water vs unfiltered water and cold filtered water vs hot unfiltered water. The results provided readings where both filtered results were much lower than both cold and hot unfiltered water results. This was an expected outcome.

  46. K***r

    This item works good yet to see how accurate it is, but I would recommend for you to buy

  47. M***r

    meter works well seems accurate glad i have it

  48. J***w

    I need batteries have not tried it yet. I think the battery is a 2032 nickel battery. Nice.

  49. E***v

    Item received not tried again store Thank you recommend. But expelled very, very slowly.

  50. F***i

    Outstanding Tester! So well made and so easy to use!

  51. M***r

    The water tester works well. Although does not come with a CR2032 battery. It inserts in the top in a very strange way. It does come with instructions.

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