Smart EMS Neck & Shoulder Massager


The Smart EMS Neck & Shoulder Massager by CkeyiN: a portable solution blending advanced EMS technology with high-frequency vibrations for unparalleled relaxation.

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Smart EMS Neck Massager for Pain Relief – Monalisa Store

Do you frequently experience tension and pain in your neck and shoulder areas? Introducing the Smart EMS Neck and Shoulder Massager – the ultimate physiotherapist in a device that you simply can’t live without! This innovative tool is designed to provide you with a relaxing massage that not only relieves tension and pain but also promotes healthier living. Its advanced technology stimulates your muscles and relieves soreness, making it the perfect solution for anyone seeking relief from the stresses of daily life.

Advanced EMS Technology

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our EMS Neck Massager. Using the latest Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, it sends high-frequency vibrations through your muscles, offering five different massage modes and 15 intensity levels to ensure a customized massage that caters to all muscle types and pain levels. Whether you’re trying to soothe sore muscles or just unwind after a long day, our EMS Neck Massager is the perfect solution.

Safety and Certification

Your safety is our priority. The Smart EMS Massager is CE-certified and crafted from durable ABS material, guaranteeing a safe and dependable pain relief solution for everyday use.

Versatility and Convenience

Lightweight, portable, and astonishingly effective, the massager is adept at alleviating discomfort caused by sore muscles, tension, and stiffness, offering a spa-like experience whenever needed.

Why Choose Smart EMS Massager?

  • 5 Massage Modes
  • 15 Intensity Levels
  • Certified & Safe Use
  • High-Frequency Vibration Technology
  • Crafted for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

U-shaped Design

The massager adopts a U-shaped design, which fits the neck and massages more in place.TENS Pulse Technology

The current can be adjusted through the intensity gear to soothe muscles and relieve fatigue.5 Heads 9D Massage

Equipped with 5 independent vibrating silicone heads, imitating human hands to perform 9D massage on acupoints, fully relieving muscle fatigue.Hot Compress Function

With 630mm red light concentrating thermal moxibustion function, a 45 ℃ constant temperature hot compress effectively relieves pain.Equipped with Micro-current Patches

it can massage any other part of the body at same timeRing-shape Traction

Ergonomic design fits cervical vertebra and neck better

Package Includes:

  • Massager*1
  • USB Charging Cable*1
  • Electric Moxibustion Patch*2
  • Electric Moxibustion Cable*1

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  1. a***n
    February 29, 2024
    It was a pleasure doing business with you
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    February 16, 2024
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    February 14, 2024
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    February 12, 2024
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    February 4, 2024
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    January 26, 2024
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    January 19, 2024
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    AliExpress Shopper
    January 6, 2024
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    January 6, 2024
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    January 6, 2024
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    January 6, 2024
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    AliExpress Shopper
    January 6, 2024
    I loved😍Gives a delicious massage
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    AliExpress Shopper
    January 6, 2024
    We need to try some days, but it gives an impression at first, how some cramps and punctures
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    AliExpress Shopper
    January 6, 2024
    Electric neck and cervical massager. Works very well and the shipping has been fast
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CkeyiN's EMS Neck & Shoulder Massager showcasing its sleek design, perfect for targeted muscle relaxation
Smart EMS Neck & Shoulder Massager
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