6 Modes Shower Head Adjustable High Pressure Water Saving Shower


Save water and reduce your bills with the Water Saving Shower. This eco-friendly showerhead provides a high-pressure flow while conserving water.

A 1 setA with black hoseA with black standB 1 setB with sliver hoseB with sliver standBlackC 1 setC with sliver hoseC with sliver standSliverWhite
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If you want to buy a shower set, you can click this link to buy it directly://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004432785825.html
Dear customer, Our products do not include filters,but our product can be installed with filter , if you want to buy filter , click this link, .//www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004068645133.html,our product is suitable for 8cm filter element

Product Name: 6-modes Adjustable Pressurized Shower Head
Type: Handheld Pressurized water saving shower
Material: ABS Plastic
Outlet Material: Silicon Gel
Color: Black / Silver/white
Interface: Standard Interface(2cm)
Size: 100 mm*275 mm

【Supercharged sixth gear shower head】

Six gear adjustment / One-key water stop / large water output.

【Super strong water】

Delicate and gentle water / filter purification / soft skin.

【Comparison with other products: finer water flow】

The water is strong, delicate and soft, and the spray area is large.

【Cleaner and healthier】

Self-cleaning silicone water outlet, the water outlet is smooth and not blocked, rain shower.

Pressurized water / Six gear mode / large water output / One key switch / Thickening and aggravating / Common interface

【Multi-function six gear water outlet powerful booster】

Flexible gear switching.

【Universal 4-point interface】

Suitable for most home flower wines.

【High quality material】

Thickened, corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust,paint process.

Thickened paint material / anti-rust, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance.

【Drop-resistant and durable, wear-resistant and impact-resistant】

Explosion-proof thickening/sufficient material/high-quality ABS thickening material.

【Weight up to 160g】

Thick material, strong and durable.

【One-click water stop】

Simple operation, convenient and fast.

【Good cleaning helper】

Supercharged spray gun mode, housework cleaning and worry-free.Bathroom cleaning is easier.

【PP cotton nano filter】

Filtered water to care for every inch of skin

(Please note,The product is shipped without a filter . If you need a filter element, you can connect to the customer service, and the customer service will recommend the filter link for you.)

【Product data display】

20 reviews for 6 Modes Shower Head Adjustable High Pressure Water Saving Shower

  1. a***y
    February 23, 2024
    Quality product, just like in the picture, there are 6 modes water flow. Arrived fast. Highly recommend.
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    February 20, 2024
    Helpful? 0 0
    February 9, 2024
    Fast, Good quality, awesome
    Helpful? 0 0
    February 8, 2024
    Fast delivery and excellent product such as what is described
    The first is strong and excellent
    Helpful? 0 0
    February 7, 2024
    I really like the style of this pole it is pretty and the jet modes are good. It is just missing a joint that is not worth a pity. I recommend.
    Helpful? 0 0
    February 6, 2024
    Excellent arrived in just a week
    Helpful? 0 0
    February 2, 2024
    Received 13 days to USA. Same item as described. Fasting Shipping A++++
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 26, 2024
    Great product! I recommend it.
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 21, 2024
    The water is changing
    Helpful? 0 0
    AliExpress Shopper
    January 20, 2024
    good product
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 17, 2024
    As described. Delivery was far too long
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 13, 2024
    Quick delivery and works as expected no issues
    Helpful? 0 0
    AliExpress Shopper
    January 10, 2024
    perfect, 6 modes working really well, everything fits
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 8, 2024
    amazing shower head! works very well. thank you!
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 7, 2024
    as pic.
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 6, 2024
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 6, 2024
    Excellent shower head, 5 different functions all good and definitely get more powerful spray.
    would recommend !
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 1, 2024
    Helpful? 0 0
    January 1, 2024
    this shower head is a very good unit, it works really well and the shipping was fast
    Helpful? 0 0
    December 28, 2023
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6 Modes Shower Head Adjustable High Pressure Water Saving Shower
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