6 Modes Shower Head Adjustable High Pressure Water Saving Shower


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6 Modes Shower Head Adjustable High Pressure Water Saving Shower

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Product Name: 6-modes Adjustable Pressurized Shower Head
Type: Handheld Pressurized water saving shower
Material: ABS Plastic
Outlet Material: Silicon Gel
Color: Black / Silver/white
Interface: Standard Interface(2cm)
Size: 100 mm*275 mm

【Supercharged sixth gear shower head】

Six gear adjustment / One-key water stop / large water output.

【Super strong water】

Delicate and gentle water / filter purification / soft skin.

【Comparison with other products: finer water flow】

The water is strong, delicate and soft, and the spray area is large.

【Cleaner and healthier】

Self-cleaning silicone water outlet, the water outlet is smooth and not blocked, rain shower.

Pressurized water / Six gear mode / large water output / One key switch / Thickening and aggravating / Common interface

【Multi-function six gear water outlet powerful booster】

Flexible gear switching.

【Universal 4-point interface】

Suitable for most home flower wines.

【High quality material】

Thickened, corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust,paint process.

Thickened paint material / anti-rust, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance.

【Drop-resistant and durable, wear-resistant and impact-resistant】

Explosion-proof thickening/sufficient material/high-quality ABS thickening material.

【Weight up to 160g】

Thick material, strong and durable.

【One-click water stop】

Simple operation, convenient and fast.

【Good cleaning helper】

Supercharged spray gun mode, housework cleaning and worry-free.Bathroom cleaning is easier.

【PP cotton nano filter】

Filtered water to care for every inch of skin

(Please note,The product is shipped without a filter . If you need a filter element, you can connect to the customer service, and the customer service will recommend the filter link for you.)

【Product data display】


Is Smart Device



Single Head

Shower Head Feature

Water Saving Shower Heads

Model Number

6 Modes Water Saving Shower Head

Shower shape



Fixed Support Type

Surface Finishing


Installation Type

Hand Hold

Brand Name



Mainland China



Type 1

shower head

Type 2

bathroom accessories

Type 3


Type 4

pommeau de douche

Type 5

salle de bain

Type 6

cabezal ducha

Type 7


Type 8

shower head high pressure

shower head high flow

shower head high flow

Type 9

bath shower head water saving pressure flow


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