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Free courses from Google:
one of the most important steps to getting a job is to have a well-written cv that is able to express your potential and suitability for the job you intend to join.

it is important to be able to write a cv in a sound and scientific way and that is what we will learn in these free Google courses to train you in this skill. the second course teaches you how to look for the right job for you on the internet in another free course. it is a skill as important as its predecessor. all you have to do is learn and apply what you’ve learned. we wish you the best in getting the right job for your skills.

learn to create a free cv using google docs

if you’ve never created a resume and don’t know what to include in it and how to create it, this free Google courses will benefit you a lot.

anyone looking for work or still a student must have a cv, because they will need it to apply for jobs or when applying for scholarships or training programs. in this module, you’ll learn how to create a resume, learn about its main sections, learn how to write an annotation, learn about recommendation messages and their importance, and learn how to create your own website that will enable you to showcase your personality and skills.
therefore, the cv must be done in a good way because some places of employment reject the person because of the poor work of the cv.
“so in this course you will learn how to make a good cv, and know what the cv sections are.
“you’ll know what the recommendation messages are, how to create your own website, and show you your resume and skills.
this course consists of two units:


do you need a specialist who writes your cv correctly and error-free?

There are many sources of such services or free Google courses, but the problem lies in the quality and ability to communicate with the cv holder.

If you want to write a cv in a professional way at a small cost, you should serve Fiverr. With this site, you can hire a person or company to writing your CV and at the cost, you can pay.
Note that you can contact your service provider and request that you modify what you want. And most beautifully, you don’t have to pay anything to get the product you want.
You have to look for what’s right for the cost you can afford. And also read the evaluation that others left to the service provider.. Before you agree to the service, the site allows you to send a message to the server if you have a question or inquiry before you start your project with it/ with it. You can also apply for your CV in a short period of time not more than two or three days. All you have to do is click on the picture below:

learn how to use Google products for free to get a new job

are you looking for work that suits your needs and goals? this course will help you find jobs, explore job sites, write a resume, and practice interviews.

When you search for a job, you can use Google in many things, from organizing your ideas, goals, and job needs, google job search provides you with many relevant results, helps you follow and organize your job requests, and Google provides you with many cv models and free Google courses, all of which you’ll learn from this module.

would you like to help me apply for a new job?

many may not know the many ways to apply for new work through different platforms. it’s all right.

Fiverr offers this service for only $10. You should also check and contact your service provider to ensure that they are able to provide this service in the country where you live. And also don’t forget. You don’t have to pay if you’re not satisfied with the service.


videos showing the principles of the interview for the new job

dr. rami yusuf – usa

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